In so many words

I have played music since i was about thirteen. But in 2008, when I had just broken up with my band at the time, my mother passed away. I needed an outlet for all these emotions inside. My musical background leaned more towards rougher genres. I had played in a couple of metal bands, and we did some sort of soft skate/punk stuff for a while too. But this needed to be more simple, more honest and naked. So I borrowed my cousins classic acoustic guitar and I locked myself in my apartment for about a week or so. I wrote and recorded six songs in four days. That weekend I played the songs to my dad and he barely got through the instrumental intro song without tearing up. I think that was the first time I understood the power of writing music with real emotion attached to it.

There is something extremely beautiful and sort of morbid as a songwriter, to affect someone else with your words, your music, so that they experience the emotions you did while writing the song. I love that. The darkness to it even makes it more interesting too.
I did my first solo show at a local restaurant in the winter of 2008. Another new experience, being alone on stage and revealing your inner self to people who do not know you. I loved it.And so I kept playing at local restaurants for about a year. I had a regular gig every Wednesday at an outdoors pub and I played some other places too. I had lost my job as customer service person at a shipping company and I’d started working at a restaurant as a bus boy. Combining the two careers, my boss asked me one night if I could play a few songs at this party that his friends were having at the restaurant. I was working too, and I really wasn’t really up to being the entertainment of the evening AND washing all the dishes. But I did. At the end of the night I was approached by Patrik, who really liked some of the covers I did. We started talking and we later had lunch where he asked me if he could feature one of my own songs on a commercial his company was making. Of course he could.

He asked if he could send my demo to a record label. I had never done that before but i gratefully approved with only some hesitation. I got in contact with Bolero label owner Lars Hansson, and we hit it off right away. I signed with Bolero, and Universal Music and we recorded and released my first EP the year after, in 2010. My debut album ’Down Below’ was released in January 2011. Since then me and Lars have kept recording and releasing music together, and in 2014 he signed my band The White Raven to his label too. We released our debut album in 2016. Check out for more information.
I’m working on new music to be released in 2018. I’m excited. With love, S.