In so many words

I started playing music when I was about thirteen. But in 2008 I had just broken up with my band (Forevertalk) and my mother passed away. Life turned a different path and I needed tools to cope. Music was the obvious choice. It needed to be simple, honest and real and so I borrowed my cousins acoustic guitar and I locked myself in my apartment for a week, scribbled down my thoughts and recorded six new songs before the end of that week.

When I played the songs to my father we barely got through the first song without tearing up. He got it. There is something very beautiful and also sort of morbid as a songwriter, to affect someone else with your words, your music, so that they experience the emotions you did while writing the song. I will always love that. The darkness to it even makes it more interesting too.

I did my first ever solo show at a local restaurant in the winter of 2008. Another new experience, being alone on stage and revealing my inner self to people who did not know me. I loved it. And so I kept playing at local restaurants for about a year, I had a regular gig every Wednesday at an outdoors pub and I played some other places too.

Soon after my mother passed, I lost my job and I decided to go off track for a while. I put hard work into the music instead. Started washing dishes at one of the places I’d played at and somedays I combined the two, washing the dishes during dinners and playing at the after parties.

One night I was approached by Patrik Asterhag, who really liked some of the songs I’d played and we started talking. He asked me out for lunch one day and offered me to put one of my songs in a commercial his company was making. And he sent my demo to a record label he had been in contact with a few years prior.

I had never sent my music to real record labels before. It all became so definite in a way. I was put in contact with Bolero label owner Lars Hansson, and we hit it off right away. I signed with Bolero, and Universal Music and we recorded and released my first EP the year after, in 2010. My debut album ’Down Below’ was released in January 2011.

Since then me and Lars have kept recording and releasing music together, and in 2014 he signed my band The White Raven to his label too. We released our debut album in 2016. Go to for more on that.

It’s been a ride. And this year I’m releasing new music. I’m excited.

With love. /S